Beyond Beautiful

Jack personally selects each item to be presented to you from an exceptional collection of diamond jewelry, chosen from the ‘best of the best’ and handcrafted by one of the most acclaimed jewelers the world over.

Beauty, Quality and Exclusivity are inherant in each item!

Every item qualifies as a family heirloom to be enjoyed for generations!

Once you have met with Jack, you will be among a select few who will see and enjoy his LIMITED DIAMOND JEWELRY COLLECTION within the comfort, safety and privacy of your home.

Jack presents in-home showings by appointment for celebrities & HNWI’s.

Email us at to become vetted for your exclusive showing!

DISCLAIMER: All jewelry appearing on our site is subject to availability, most are rare, one-of-a-kind! EMail ASAP if you are falling in love with one or more so we can possibly hold it for you.