Your access to my rare, beautiful and exceptional collection begins with selecting the most amazing gems, with the highest of grade, color and quality available. Then, our diamond cutter who is among the very best, shapes what then becomes the centerpiece of each jewelry piece, your center stone. That fine stone is then set in spectacular fashion, often with more magnificient gems to accent and enhance, a true art in itself, so that beauty and elegance can be yours!

Rest assured, knowing the beautiful jewelry that you choose from us is of the highest standard and the world’s best! We provide with every piece a certification only from respected leading labs like GIA, to assure you of it’s authenticity and quality! We will gladly send it upon demand.

DISCLAIMER: All jewelry appearing on our site is subject to availability, most are rare, one-of-a-kind! EMail ASAP if you are falling in love with one or more so we can possibly hold it for you.

Exceptional service means that anything you desire can be acquired, cut and mounted, so let us know! Within just a couple of days or so…. we will present it to you!